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Tuesday, April 23, 2013 7.00 pm 

Strategic Communications in Crisis Situations

Sofitel Hyland Hotel

505 Nanjing Road East,(Close to Subway Line 2, Station: Nanjing East Rd., Exit 4) Tel: 6351 5888

Price: Price: RMB 170,- per member; RMB 250,- per non-member
(to be paid at the venue)

Strategic Communications in Crisis Situations

Corporate reputation is no longer an abstract concept. Today more than ever, the reputation of a company is reflected in its overall success and affects revenues, the ability to hire the best talent and also its license to operate.

Crises frequently occur when least expected. How a company manages their response will have a significant impact on its reputation and can even impact business continuity. Reacting negligently, insufficiently or not soon enough can cause significant reputational damage. The challenges of handling a crisis increase even more when they occur outside a company’s home market – especially when they involve issues within China.

How can companies prepare for a crisis? How can companies safeguard their reputation during a crisis? And which peculiarities apply to successful crisis handling in China? In particular, how can companies manage the disruptive impact of a crisis playing out in the fast-paced, extensive social media landscape that exists in China?

Thomas Knipp and Rose Wang analyse how to effectively manage crisis communications and the proactive steps companies can take to manage crises before they ever emerge.


Mr. Thomas Knipp | Senior Partner, Brunswick Group, Frankfurt, CV

Ms. Rose Wang | Partner, Brunswick Group, Beijing, CV


Ms. Nina Trentmann | Reporter, CV



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